Sliding fee scale acupuncture sessions

Currently only offered in our Yellow Springs clinic

Sliding fee scale acupuncture sessions are now available in my Yellow Springs location (starting April 2017!).

When the opportunity arrived with the start of 2017 to expand the physical space available in the Humanist Center - I saw the perfect opportunity to create another option for acupuncture care for the community via sliding fee scale sessions!

Offering acupuncture treatments on a sliding fee scale allows even more affordable rates of $40 - $60 per session, bringing access to acupuncture care for many patients who otherwise might not have that. Patients pay what they are able to between $40-$60, with no questions asked.

These treatments last approximately an hour and involve acupuncture points mainly on the head, ears, hands, arms, feet, and lower legs. Ear seeds & micro-current may also be used, depending on conditions treated. 

Certain complex conditions may not be suited to this treatment setting.